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Jenaed Brodell

Leading Specialist Consultant Dietitian

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Jenaed Brodell is a Leading Specialist Consultant Dietitian in Sports Performance and Paediatrics. 

Jenaed has worked with athletes ranging from amateur to elite level and has a 100% success rate in increasing athletic performance, improving recovery and preventing unwanted injuries.

Furthermore, Jenaed has specialised in Childrens Nutrition. She has a wealth of experience in top NHS hospitals in London as well as private sector. Her focus areas are childrens allergies and intolerances, reflux, growth faltering and selective eating (Autism/AFRID). Jenaed’s consultations are done via her own telehealth platform or face to face. She provides support via an app which allows clients to keep checking in.

To book an appointment, please email for adult enquiries or for children’s enquiries.


Locum Paediatric Dietitian (posts change on a 6 month contract)

Personal profile

Jenaed is an avid sports person, who enjoys movement of all kind. She has completed a half Iron man, has been playing semi-professional hockey from a young age and enjoys keeping fit and active. She loves traveling and seeing the world.


Bachelors of Sports (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Medical Science Hons in Nutrition and Dietetics (Cape Town University, South Africa)

Additional Training

Professional bodies (Positions held in last 3 years)

BDA Paediatrics specialist group

Sports and Exercise nutrition register

HCPC : DT30299

BDA : 21094



Treatments and areas of interest

  • Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (see RED-S reversal package)
  • Specific sports performance nutrition : Team sports : Field hockey, Ice hockey, Football, Rugby; Individual sports : Tennis, Triathlon, Endurance sports, Athletics; Weight dependant sports : Boxing, Martial arts, MMA , body building; Other : Ballet, Gymnastics
  • Muscle gain
  • Fat loss
  • Adolescent athletes (Amateur and Elite)
  • Paediatric Allergies : Cows milk protein allergy (Non IgE) , wheat, soya , egg
  • Growth Faltering
  • Premature infants
  • Iron deficiency
  • Constipation
  • Reflux/ GORD
  • Plant based children
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Complimentary Feeding advice
  • Obesity
  • Autism
  • Resistant eaters
  • Cholesterol Dietary management
  • High blood pressure dietary management
  • Type 2 Diabetes Dietary management
  • Plant based diets
  • Nutrient deficiencies

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