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Building Your Resilience

08th, Sep 2020

Trying to create an achievable work life balance has never been more important as many of us continue to work from home alongside managing home schooling and childcare.

Whilst we are tipping those scales and trying to keep up the pace, it’s easy to get stressed and find ourselves overwhelmed with everything that needs done.
Diamond Club will be focusing on ‘Building your Resilience’ throughout the month of September and we have some top tips on how to build skills that can help you manage your working day.

To-Do Lists

It can be easy to become bogged down with to-do lists, but they can be a great way to get your thoughts onto paper. Having a to-do list will help ensure you don’t forget anything and there is nothing more satisfying than crossing things off once you have finished.
Use it as a prompt of what you would like to get done in your day. But remember, this is a guideline of things you would like to achieve and if a few items have to be moved over to tomorrows list, it’s not the end of the world.

Learn to Prioritise   

Going hand in hand with creating lists, learn to prioritise tasks by the order of importance. You’ll notice that different items will require different levels of attention. Pulling these apart onto separate lists or colour coding them can you give an idea of what needs your concentration first. 

Productivity experts suggest the tactic of starting lengthier tasks first. Early in the day when your mind is fresh and your power is plentiful, you may be better equipped to handle more difficult tasks. Although it can be just as motivating checking off small tasks too, so go with whichever you feel will be best for your workload at the time.  

Be Kind to Yourself  

It can be easy to be tough on yourself for not achieving as much as you would like and if you have a long to-do list, it can be hard to comprehend sitting down for a quiet cup of tea or taking yourself off for a walk.
However, it is important to take a breather and have a few moments to yourself. Yes, the pile of emails and laundry will both still be there when you get back, but you will be in a better place to tackle it if you take a moment of self-care first.
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