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Life-Changing Plastic Surgery For Little Ones

05th, Jan 2021

Plastic surgery, commonly thought of as a primarily adult-exclusive treatment, is also often performed in babies and children.

Plastic surgery, commonly thought of as a primarily adult-exclusive treatment, is also often performed in babies and children.

At Kingsbridge we see children referred with such conditions as prominent ears, which can adversely affect confidence, sometimes leading to bullyingWe also consult on problems such as birthmarks, problem scarsskin tags and moles which occasionally can change and be a source of anxiety for children and parents.  

Prominent Ears

Prominent Ears do not cause any functional problems such as hearing loss but can cause low confidence and mental health issues in children who suffer from bullying as a result. We sometimes see adults who regret that their prominent ears were not addressed years earlier.  

If prominent ears are diagnosed before a baby is three months old, moulds can be applied to the baby’s ears. For older children, the management is surgical. It is called otoplasty and is often referred to as ear pinning. A safe and common cosmetic procedure, it can improve a young child’s confidence enormously.

Birthmark/Scar Management

Problematic scars and certain birthmarks can lead to a decrease in self-confidence. Plastic surgical interventions can help to restore confidence and self-esteem - a very important element in social and educational development.

Specialists Advice

Mr Andrew Diver, one of our Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons - explains why plastic surgery procedures can be considered more often in certain cases and why it is so rewarding for both himself and the patient:

“For children, like adults, it is important that they feel trust in the surgeon. So you have to speak at their level, whilst not being patronising.  We can help children and their parents realise there are safe and effective treatments for certain problems, often with lifelong rewards.”

“The - almost - instant results can be very rewarding for both patient and surgeon alike.”

At Kingsbridge Healthcare Group we remain committed to providing leading plastic and cosmetic surgery in Kingsbridge Private Hospital Belfast and Sligo with the highest standards of before, during and aftercare to ensure you feel comfortable, confident and safe moving forward.

We also offer remote consultations with a physician over the phone or via video in case you, understandably, want to limit face-to-face contact, at this time.

As a healthcare provider with an emphasis on the highest quality care, we believe that individuals suffering from treatable issues can and should be helped. We are here to help guide adults and children through to an excellent outcome.

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