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Take Advantage of Fresh Produce This Summer

12th, Aug 2020

A good thing about summer is, there will be no shortage of fresh produce. That is why Summer is the ideal time to change your diet plan towards fresh fruits and vegetables as they will be available at affordable prices. So, make sure to walk-in to your nearby grocery store or farmers market and take advantage of the fresh produce.

There are many benefits to locally produced fresh foods, so why should we try and source closer to home?  

  • Locally grown food is full of flavor and is filled with a greater variety of nutrients 
  • Local food supports the local economy and benefits the environement
  • Local foods promote a safer food supply and can save you money
  • You will be supporting your local farmers and they can tell you how the food was grown

At Kingsbridge Private Hospital, we understand the health benefits of good food which is why we only use locally sourced products to create our meals. Our Kingsbridge Kitchen provides fresh and healthy food full of nutrition. Why not give some of our recipes a try:


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