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Do What’s Best for You with 3fivetwo

Do What’s Best for You with 3fivetwo


We at the 3fivetwo Group believe women deserve only the best. That’s why we provide a range of treatments and procedures to make sure every woman is feeling and looking the way that makes them happy.


This International Woman’s Day, make it about you and take control of your body. Below is a range of things that you may want to consider.




Our revolutionary vaginal rejuvenation treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical. Treatments only take 30 minutes a session with no downtime at all, meaning it can be done on your lunch break. By using a small heated wand, the area is gently massaged and results in tighter muscle control and appearance.


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Cosmetic Surgery


Through Cosmetech, part of the 3fivetwo group, we can offer ‘non-surgical face lifts’ using a revolutionary Thread Lift Treatment. By using absorbable threads to lift and rejuvenate the face, it creates a support for tissue and reverses the signs of ageing, giving a fresher more youthful look.


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Varicose Veins


With the Spring coming in that means it’s time to dust off the shorts from the cupboard and get out in the sun. However, for many of us the appearance of unsightly veins, known as varicose veins, can not only hinder our confidence but also affect our quality of life as they cause swelling and pain in the legs. At Kingsbridge Private Hospital we can offer a surgical treatment to treat the symptoms, which only takes between 20 minutes to two and half hours, and rejuvenate your love for life.


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Cervical Smear Testing


Detecting abnormal cells around the vagina is essential for preventing cancer. We offer a simple five-minute procedure through our private GP service which involves brushing the walls of your cervix to take a sample where it will then be sent off for testing. Our service is unique as you can call and book a same day GP appointment, then if a follow up is needed you will be referred to a gynaecologist in the 3fivetwo Group quickly (average waiting time of only 3.5 days).


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Breast Procedures


Sometimes our breasts can cause back pain if too big or lack of self-confidence if you’re not happy with certain aspects. At 3fivetwo Healthcare we offer a range of procedures to help with such issues; from breast augmentation to breast reduction or uplift, we want to help give you the breasts and self-confidence you deserve.


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Posted on 08 Mar 2017