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experience Ireland’s ‘pitch perfect’ performance at the 6 Nations with Sweeney Opticians


This weekend sees Rory Best and his men kick-off their 6 Nations campaign against Scotland in a bid to bring the trophy back to the Aviva Stadium.


No doubt many who weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket, will be tuned in for the game this tomorrow.  However, how close will they be sitting to the TV to see and will they be able to hear the mighty roar of the crowd when a try is scored?


Much of the population suffer from eye and hearing issues without even realising the severity of them. Issues such as near-sightedness, cataracts, hearing loss or tinnitus affect many people without treatment due to long waiting times.


Cataracts is an eyesight issue which affects many people in Northern Ireland, especially a lot of our older population and can severely damage one’s quality of life by causing gradually depreciating, blurred vision. Whilst tinnitus is a hearing issue that continues to grow in the number of young people it affects. Caused by damage to the eardrum, things like excessive noise such as continuous exposure to high volumes of music, can gradually weaken hearing.


At Sweeney Opticians Eye and Hearing Care, part of the 3fivetwo Group, you can book a next day appointment with a specialist consultant to have both your eyes and ears checked for previous conditions and more.  We also provide state-of-the-art 4D eye scans to give yourself the most detailed analysis of your eyesight available.


If you do need treatment, we provide fast access to surgical and non-surgical procedures right next door at Kingsbridge Private Hospital on the Lisburn Road, Belfast.


However, it’s not just viewers and supporters we can help. If you’re a sportsperson, be it professional, amateur or youth and suffer from poor eyesight and are worried about wearing your glasses to play sport, we can help choose and fit a specially designed pair of sports goggles just for you.  Top brands including Oakley are available. Richard Sweeney, Director at Sweeney Opticians, is also the Northern Irish Representative for Rugby Goggles, the only certified eye wear for competitive rugby in Ireland. 


Today, special eyewear can be seen throughout a range of sports and have greatly reduced the number of eye injuries sustained. Our range of eyewear can help with a number of issues and be used throughout a variety of sports, from tennis to rugby, making sure you get back to producing great moments on the pitch, just like our 6 Nations heroes.


For More information, please visit Sweeney Opticians at 801 Lisburn Road, Belfast or call 028 90667030

Posted on 03 Feb 2017