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Take your second chance on weight loss

For many of us diets and weight-loss come about in fads and moods, eating certain fashionable health foods or blending our meals into smoothies, with no real long term goal or immediate repercussions if we fall off the health wagon momentarily.


However, for some the reality is much more severe. Continuous struggles with diets and lifestyle changes can become demoralizing and cause even more detrimental issues to one’s health. 


For a number of reasons such as obesity or diabetes, it can be very difficult for certain individuals to lose weight through traditional methods. At 3fivetwo Group we understand that this doesn’t mean you aren’t open to change, which is why we are pleased to provide a surgical weight loss procedure to aid your weight-loss resolution.


Gastric sleeve surgery, performed at Kingsbridge Private Hospital, part of the 3fivetwo Group, is a life-changing procedure which helps aid those who are overweight or obese in losing weight and improve their general health.


A Sleeve Gastrectomy involves making the stomach smaller and will therefore reduce the size of meals patients consume, helping to aid a sustained and more long-term weight-loss. It should also reduce the health issues that come with obesity such as high-blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and breathing problems.



What does it involve?


Having a Gastric Sleeve procedure with us means you will be provided with comprehensive care and advice throughout the process, from the very beginning of your journey to two years after initial surgery to ensure you are obtaining the full benefits of the treatment.


This includes:



How does it work?


The operation is keyhole surgery which means that recovery is quick and pain is manageable with pain killers. 75% of the stomach is removed and the remaining ‘sleeve’ becomes the new stomach, hence the name Gastric Sleeve Surgery. This can alter brain signals to the stomach and make you feel fuller faster, meaning portion sizes will decrease and cravings will reduce.

Through work with one of our specialised dieticians, you will be helped to create a new low-fat, low-sugar meal plan with results noticeable in the first few months after treatment. Patients usually expect to lose 50-70% of excess weight in the first 18 months.

Let us help you take control of the rest of your life and use that second chance to make healthier changes for the future.


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Posted on 12 Apr 2017