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Anterior and Posterior Repair

A posterior or anterior prolapse is a bulge in the back wall of the vagina. It is usually caused by a weakness in the supportive tissues between the vagina and the bowel

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A posterior or anterior prolapse can cause a sensation or feeling of 'something coming down', the feeling of not having fully emptied your bowel fully and the possible need to press on the back wall of your vagina to fully empty your bowel.

A prolapse can also cause discomfort during sex with your partner and may cause difficulty keeping female sanitary products in the vagina. 

A prolapse is usually caused as a result of childbirth although it is possible for this problem to occur in women who have never been pregnant.

Many women discover this problem after the menopause.

Benefits of a posterior or anterior repair?

The aim of surgery is to tighten the support tissues between your vagina and bowel, and remove any bulge in and around your vagina.

Alternatives to a posterior repair?

If you only have a mild prolapse, it will usually be recommended that you have a posterior/anterior repair only after you have tried simple treatments such as pelvic-floor exercises or treating any constipation.

Other surgical procedures to remedy this problem involve replacing the support tissues with a mesh. Your consultant will discuss this option with you at your appointment if suitable for this procedure.

What should I expect the operation to involve?

Surgical repair is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. The operation usually takes about half an hour to complete under normal conditions.

During the operation a cut will be made in the back (posterior) or front (anterior) wall of your vagina so they can move your bowel back into place. They will use stitches to tighten the support tissues along the length of the wall of your vagina.

A surgical repair is a major operation usually recommended after simpler treatments have failed. If the operation is successful, your bowel will be better supported and you will no longer have a bulge in your vagina.

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