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Vaginal Scar Repair

Scar tissue can cause many women pain during intercourse or during their daily lives. At Kingsbridge Private Hospital we offer surgery to help get your life back to normal.

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A number of deformities of the labia, hymen or vagina can be helped with the use of plastic surgery. This type of surgery can be performed for both functional and aesthetic reasons at Kingsbridge Private Hospital, Belfast. 

Damage caused by childbirth

Ladies are often left with painful scarring following childbirth: mostly from an episiotomy (a cut between the vagina and anus) or tearing during childbirth. However it is also possible for the labia to be damaged.

Correction of painful scarring is one of the most common genital surgical procedures for women. 

Damage caused by trauma:

Scarring of the genital area can also be caused by an accident (trauma). Surgical correction can offer a solution for many women who are suffering discomfort. This treatment is also suitable for purely aesthetic reasons if needed. 

It is important that you discuss the option of surgery before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. Speak to a GP before or book an appointment with a gynaecologist or plastic surgeon at the 3fivetwo Group. This can help to inform you of any risks involved in the procedure and also help provided a realistic expectation of what results you can expect following the procedure. 

Reconstructive procedures may require the use of complicated skin grafts or flap designs in order to compensate for tissue loss through religious mutilation or inadvertent surgery performed in the past.

Scar hypertrophy

Scar hypertrophy, which can cause severe pain during intercourse, can usually be improved by plastic surgical revision of the scar tissue by a Surgeon at Kingsbridge Private Hospital. 

If your scars are recent, repeated steroid injections may offer a solution to reduce discomfort and pain. Your Consultant at Kingsbridge Private Hospital will discuss these options with you.

Our specialists at Kingsbridge Private Hospital Belfast will advise you on the treatment best suited to your individual needs.

Patients in most cases are very happy following vaginal scar revision surgery. Patients who have had surgery at Kingsbridge Private Hospital benefit from aesthetic improvement and experience considerably less pain or none at all.

Their quality of life is improved significantly.

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If you would like to book an appointment or require further information on the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact our private patient booking team on the details above.