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Breast Implants

Also known as breast enlargement, boob job and breast implants, breast augmentation is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery, undertaken by over 10,000 women in the UK every year.


Patients come to Kingsbridge Private Hospital to undergo breast enlargement surgery for a number of reasons, primarily because they feel self-conscious about them being too small. This could be down to a number or reasons including weight loss, after pregnancy or simply because of what nature gave them.


Breast enlargement surgery can also be used to correct a difference in size between your breasts. Some women have one breast smaller than the other and this can impact a woman’s self-confidence.


If you want to know more about breast implants and breast augmentation in Belfast, you can book a free, confidential chat with a private patient adviser at Kingsbridge Private Hospital to discuss the various procedures available, finance packages and the benefits of having surgery at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.


Benefits as follows:

Boob job on finance:


What you need to know about breast implants

At your consultation, your Consultant Surgeon will discuss the size, shape and type of breast implants that are most suitable for you.


Call 028 9068 8886 to speak to an adviser, or find out more about what to expect during breast enlargement surgery.