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Nose Reconstruction


Commonly called a nose job or rhinoplasty, this is an operation to alter the shape of your nose. Patients opt for this procedure for both cosmetic reasons or to restore shape after an injury.

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At Kingsbridge Private Hospital you’ll benefit from outstanding patient care, before, after and during any nose reconstruction surgery. 

What is a nose job?

An operation to have your nose reshaped can change the size and shape from the tip to the bridge of your nose including the nostrils.

The shape and size of your nose is inherited from your parents. Your nose is generally fully developed by the time you’re 16.

It is very important to be sure about what you don’t like about your nose and what you want changed. Your Surgeon will be able to provide advice so that any surgery on your nose results in a natural result.

Types of nose reconstruction surgery

Reduction Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to make your nose smaller. The Surgeon will usually make cuts inside your nostrils to reach the bone and cartilage of the nose. Sometimes, a cut is also made across the skin between your nostrils (the columella) and this technique is called ‘Open Rhinoplasty’. Some of the bone and cartilage will be removed or rearranged to achieve the shape you have agreed with your Surgeon. The skin over your nose won't be touched – it will shrink down to its new shape.

It may be necessary to make your nostrils smaller to keep your features in proportion. Your Surgeon will need to make cuts in the skin of your nostrils to do this. This will leave fine scars on each side.

Augmentation rhinoplasty can make your nose larger or give it more bulk. Your Surgeon may make a cut inside or between your nostrils and reshape the bone and cartilage. You may need extra bone or cartilage (a graft) to build up your nose. Your Surgeon may take cartilage from your ears or ribs, and bone from the back of your elbow, your skull or your hip bone. Sometimes artificial implants are used instead.

The cuts inside your nose are usually closed with dissolving stitches so they don’t need to be removed. If you have stitches on the outside of the skin, these will usually need to be removed. This is usually done about a week after your operation at a follow up appointment in Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

Do you have a question about nose reconstruction surgery? If so, you can book a free, confidential chat with a private ONE2ONE Patient Adviser at Kingsbridge Private Hospital to discuss the various procedures available, finance packages and the benefits of having surgery at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.

Alternatively, you can  call 0845 60 06 352 or make an online enquiry here.