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What to Expect with Breast Reduction Surgery

Preparing for Breast Reduction surgery

Your Surgeon at Kingsbridge Private Hospital Belfast will explain how to prepare for your procedure.

If you are taking prescribed or herbal medication, please inform your Surgeon.

If you are a smoker you will be asked to stop as this can delay wound healing.

Your Surgeon will also discuss with you the size and type of supportive bra you will require post-surgery.


What to expect after breast reduction surgery

Following your surgery, your stay in hospital may last between one and four days depending on your recovery time. Pain relief will be given after surgery to help with any discomfort as the anaesthetic wears off. Your Anaesthetist may also prescribe painkillers and antibiotics for the first few days after your operation to help with pain relief.

Before discharge from the hospital your Nurse will advise you on wound care and arrange a date for a follow-up visit to assess how well you are healing. Depending on your individual case, you may have several follow-ups to check on your progress.

Removable sutures will be removed after seven to ten days and dissolvable sutures may vary depending on the type of suture used.


Recovering from breast reduction surgery

Full recovery from breast reduction varies from patient to patient. It is important that you follow your Surgeon's advice, but in most cases, you can revert back to normal activities within six weeks. Your Surgeon will advise on this prior to your surgery, taking into consideration the type of work you do and your daily activities. You should also refrain from heavy lifting for around six weeks following surgery.


What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

As with every surgical procedure, there are a small number of risks associated with breast reduction surgery. Risks are specific to the individual and will be discussed in full at your consultation with your Surgeon at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.


Side-effects associated with breast reduction surgery

It is more than likely that your breasts will be sore for a few days after your operation and may feel tender and lumpy for some time following surgery. You will have scars following surgery which will be red and slightly raised. These should begin to fade to white over the following months.

The nipples on the breast can become less sensitive than before. This is more likely if your nipples have been moved during the surgery. Depending on the type of breast reduction surgery, you may be unable to breastfeed after the operation.


Complications associated with breast reduction surgery

The possible complications of any operation include an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic, excessive bleeding or developing a blood clot, usually in a vein in the leg (deep vein thrombosis).

Please note that the risk of complication at Kingsbridge Private Hospital is very rare but you should be aware of risks associated with surgery of this kind. Specific complications of breast reduction surgery include:


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