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Supporting Your Little Ones Immune Systems As They Return To School

09th, Sep 2021

As children return to school it is fairly common for them to catch the odd sniffle or tummy bug. However, with ongoing Covid-19 cases surging especially among schools, it is only natural to feel a little anxious about sending your children to school, for their own safety.

It has been said that having a well-functioning immune system supported by healthy lifestyle habits such as eating nutritious foods, exercising and sleeping could help reduce Covid-19 risk. So, we have gathered some top tips to help support your little ones immune system which we hope in turn will help parents feel a little more at ease.

Encourage personal hygiene

Since the pandemic began, increased awareness around personal hygiene has never been more important! Hand sanitising stations are everywhere you go, and we are all very thankful for it (even if some have a stronger smell than others). However, as adults we must set an example for our children to continue to encourage personal hygiene by making the conscious effort to talk about why health & safety measures are in place and how they can follow them, with the hope that they too will become more aware when in the classroom.

Feed them the rainbow

Having a balanced diet is essential in supporting our immune function. Zinc and Vitamins A, B, C and are a just a few of many micro-nutrients that can help immune cells fight infection.These can be found in foods such as green leafy vegetables, dairy products, citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries and tomatoes. Although it can sometimes feel like a challenge to get kids to eat their fruit and vegetables, there are a couple of things you can do to help make them more appealing and easily accessible for children. This can include cutting up fruit into smaller pieces or little shapes and having them ready to eat at snack times when they are at their hungriest!

Teach them about gut health

A healthy gut and a strong immune system go hand in hand, so it is essential to teach children when they are young, so they grow up with an understanding and awareness of the benefits of good gut health and it’s correlation with our immune system. Try introducing foods with microbiome-supporting probiotics in them such as yogurts with live cultures and sourdough bread and explain why these foods are good to include in our diets.

Increase their physical activity

Children love to play and although we don’t always have the best weather, it is crucial to encourage them to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Regular physical activity releases mood-boosting chemicals which reduces stress and supports immune strength. If the weather isn’t quite in our favour, other activities include swimming lessons, indoor parks and kids clubs.

Listen to their concerns

Looking after our mental health is a topic we are starting to talk more openly about. However, our mental health and its importance needs to be addressed at a young age as well. Keeping an eye on your kid’s mental health via quality time, discussions during activities and speaking to mental health professionals if necessary is also important for supporting immunity.

If your child is experiencing COVID19 symptoms we can help!

At Kingsbridge Private Hospital Belfast, your child can receive a same day PCR test with same day results from only £49. Simply text PCR to 66777

For further information on our services, treatments and consultants, please visit kingsbridgeprivatehospital.com

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Kingsbridge Help & Support

For enquires on post operative support, cancellations, test results and payment

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