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Mr Tim Kilmartin

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

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Tim E Kilmartin is a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon providing bunion surgery, hammer toe surgery, cortisone injections, joint resurfacing, ganglion exision, ingrown toenail surgery and needling for verrucae.

Mr. Kilmartin qualified from the Birmingham School of Podiatry in 1985. Completed training in Podiatric Surgery and began working as an NHS Podiatric Surgeon in 1993. Podiatric Surgeons are not medical doctors and rather than the broad-based medical training of orthopaedic surgeons their training has focused on foot surgery only.

He completed a PhD study of bunion deformities in children in 1995 and continued to research all aspects of foot surgery with publication of nearly 80 articles on foot surgery. 

Tim Kilmartin has practiced in the field of Podiatry initially and then Podiatric Surgery for many years. He has developed exceptional diagnostic and clinical skills for which he is justly renowned. He often has to deal with complex clinical cases and is often the last-ditch chance" for a patient for whom previous interventions by clinicians and surgeons has failed to relieve a problem or made a problem worse.

Pain control is most important, and this is achieved using an ultrasound guided block of the nerves that supply the foot. Most of the foot operations are fixed on the inside with tiny screws that allow return to driving and walking after 2 weeks. Bunion and hammer toe surgery remain a special interest and the focus of continued research. 

Most foot surgery performed by Tim is done as a day case operation with patients going home the same day. Currently, however, theatre sessions are being conductred in the evening. An overnight stay is, therefore, required for many patients.


"Since the middle of October I have been able to wear high heels again and for the first time in my life I am looking forward to the summer so that I can at last wear sandals, so let the shoe fest begin." V.C.

"I am delighted with the results and doing really well. I was particularly impressed by the way you made yourself available by text it gave me great reassurance. I’ve already recommended you to several people who have been very sceptical about foot surgery, it’s really very funny to see people taking off their socks and shoes to compare their feet to mine." D.M. 

Personal profile

Mr. Kilmartin lives with his wife and four sons in Glenullin Co. Derry.


Fellowship College of Podiatry (Surgery) FCPodS

London 1991

PhD Orthopaedics

Nottingham University Medical School 1995

Additional Training

Completion of Certificate of Podiatric Surgery Training 1994 Northampton General and Luton General Hospital

Honorary Residency

North West Podiatric Foundation Seattle 1997 and Weil Institute Chicago 1995


Ulster University  2015

Professional bodies (Positions held in last 3 years)

Editorial Committee of: The Journal Foot & Ankle Research

The International Journal of Clinical Foot Science – The Foot

British Journal of Podiatry

Advisor on Foot Joint Replacements to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence

Examiner Fellowship Panel, The Faculty of Podiatric Surgery, London.


Previous Dean of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery, College of Podiatry London

Completed PhD 1994, Department of Orthopaedics Nottingham University Medical School 83 original articles in peer reviewed journals including J. Bone Joint Surgery, Foot Ankle International and Journal

Six book chapters and 15 editorials and case history articles.

Treatments and areas of interest

  • Bunion correction
  • Hammertoe correction
  • Neuroma/ cyst/ ganglion surgery
  • Fusion surgery for osteoarthritis of the foot joints
  • Cortisone injection therapy for arthritis, heel pain, neuroma and metatarsalgia
  • Medico-legal expert witness, I have been an expert witness on nearly 80 foot surgery negligence cases since 2010
  • Bunion surgery
  • Hammer toe surgery
  • Neuroma surgery and cortisone injections.
  • Joint resurfacing for treatment of arthritis of the big toe
  • Cortisone injections for the treatment of foot arthritis using ultrasound guidance
  • Surgery for problem little toes
  • Ganglion excision
  • In-growing toenail surgery
  • Needling for verrucae

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