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Allergy Myth Busters

08th, Jul 2024

20% of the population suffer with allergies. In our latest blog, we address some of the common misconceptions there are about allergies.

An allergy is a reaction your body has to a particular food or substance, and they affect millions of people worldwide. Here are some common misconceptions about allergies, debunked:

Myth: Food allergies aren’t serious

Food allergies are more than just a stomach ache, and can cause more serious symptoms such as hives, stuffy nose and vomiting, difficulty breathing and loss of consciousness. Severe allergies cause anaphylaxis which is life threatening and very serious.

Myth: Allergies last forever

Some allergies may persist for life, but some may dissipate with age. Although most children ‘outgrow’ allergies to milk, egg, soy and wheat, allergies to peanut, tree nuts, fish and shellfish are often lifelong.

Myth: Food allergies are the same as food intolerances

Food intolerances do not involve the immune system and while they can cause some discomfort, they are not life threatening or fatal, unlike food allergies.

Myth: There are no treatments for allergies

Generally, the best way to minimize allergic reactions is to avoid triggers of the certain food or animal. There are no cures for allergies, however, certain treatments can effectively reduce the symptoms. Treatments such as decongestants, antihistamines, nasal steroid sprays can also be effective.

Myth: Food allergies are only developed in childhood

Allergies can be developed at any age, even to a food that you have eaten safely before.

Myth: Peanut allergies are the most dangerous type of allergy

There are no allergies more dangerous than others, and virtually every food can cause some type of allergic reaction and reactions can be varying in severity.

If you are struggling with allergies and would like to speak to one of our Private GP's, please call 028 9066 7878 and select Option 2 or visit kingsbridgegpclinic.com

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