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Children's Healthcare 'Top Of The List' At New £25,000 Paediatric Unit In Kingsbridge North West

31st, May 2024

Kingsbridge Healthcare Group has announced the opening of a new private Paediatric Unit at their Ballykelly hospital based in the North West as part of a multi-million pound expansion programme. The unit will provide five star treatment in dedicated paediatric rooms for children across Northern Ireland undergoing surgery, paediatric dental treatment and MRI scans under general anaesthetic.

Working in partnership with local company, Cleary Contracting Ltd, the latest investment encompasses five state of the art ensuite rooms featuring specially commissioned hidden pull-down beds for parents or guardians to stay overnight, if necessary, supersized TV screens with projectors for visual entertainment, gaming consoles for older children and jigsaws and colouring books to keep younger children occupied.

This latest move from Kingsbridge Healthcare Group comes as figures released recently by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, report a 22% increase in children on waiting lists over the last 12 months, a record high of 22,272 young patients.

Anthony McKenna, General Manager at Kingsbridge North West (KPHNW) explains:

“While many of these procedures are not seen as ‘urgent’ or life threatening, the report states that a delay in treatment can lead to ‘irreversible consequences’, not just for their health but also in terms of their education through missing school with recurring infections. We then have the knock-on effect for parents and carers who frequently have to take time off work, often at short notice, to care for sick children.

“This new wing increases the options for those seeking quicker treatment in a specially designed child friendly setting,” he says. “Our main focus will be ENT and General Surgery procedures including tonsillectomies, adenoids, vents, ear pinning surgery and circumcision with our facility being the only private hospital in Northern Ireland offering MRI under general anaesthetic for children, should they need it.” 

With paediatric and specialist consultations available in both Belfast and Ballykelly, parents can then be referred to take their children to the new facilities in KPHNW to have their procedure done if required.

Pictured: Johnny Lynch, Consultant Greg McBride, young Louis Rogers, KPHNW GM Anthony McKenna and Nurse Sarah Convery

Commenting on the new unit Johnny Lynch, Ward Manager at KPHNW says:

“It can be a daunting experience for anyone coming into a hospital environment especially for children undergoing a procedure, so our aim was to create a relaxed and fun setting for both our young patients and their parents.

“Alongside the in-room entertainment, we have developed a Kingsbridge Roary Welcome Pack with customised toiletries and toothbrushes suitable for children and younger people while parents and carers have the added benefit of staying overnight in the same room using specially designed pull down beds. 

“While all of our hospitals offer access to first class medical treatment, we believe we have created an exceptional environment here in our North West Hospital both with our staff and facilities, and look forward to welcoming children from the local area and from across Northern Ireland.”

Pictured: Lucie & Ellie at Kingsbridge North West 

Find out more here or get in touch by calling 028 7776 3090 or by emailing infonw@kingsbridgehealthcaregroup.com

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