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Tips For Keeping A Focused And Healthy Mind

08th, Sep 2022

From the 15th - 21st March we are highlighting Brain Awareness Week and at a time when we are all feeling a chaotic mixture of emotions, what better time than to pick up some new habits to keep our brains and minds healthy?

New routines within the, seemingly, never-ending cycle of lockdown are tough to adapt to and even tougher for our minds to adapt to without feeling both overwhelmed and under-stimulated.
Here are a few tips to keep your mind healthy in the coming weeks:

Spend time on apps 

However NOT the usual social media and games. Try installing a brain training app with multi-faceted activities on it to do in the afternoon which will re-train your mental sharpness. Or have a go at some brain teaser activities - Where do words go? exercises your cognitive skills. 

Put the phone down(stairs)

Charge your phone downstairs overnight and invest in a different alarm clock. This will stop you over-whelming your brain from the moment you wake-up with the urge to check work related emails and texts.

Step-up your steps 

With the (slightly) warmer weather, it’s important we get outside and take walks in the fresh air to clear your mind and break up the regular routine of the day.


7-9 hours of sleep a night is proven to reduce the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s later in life and helps improve creativity and productivity.

As well as mental clarity and health it is important to be aware of any new or recurring headaches and pains that may have developed recently. Often, these can be down to dietary issues or lack of sleep but sometimes they can be more serious.
If you are experiencing regular headaches or migraines it is important to get seen by a GP or specialist who can help you asses the problem.

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