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Plastic Surgery, Embracing The 5 R's

27th, Nov 2020

Plastic Surgery may feel daunting but it can be a positive and empowering experience. At Kingsbridge Private Hospital we understand how important it is to discuss, manage, outline and meet expectations of your plastic surgery needs. That is why we are proud to be one of the leading providers of both plastic and cosmetic surgery for all kinds of life-changing treatments.

Plastic surgery can be beneficial to anyone; whether you’re a man unhappy with the appearance of excess breast tissue that isn’t shifting no matter how much exercise you do, a mother who wants to correct the changes motherhood made on her body or someone looking to brighten their eyes after a few more wrinkles appeared in the past year.
Treatments such as face and eye-lifts can freshen your appearance, restoring youthful vigour; whilst, non-surgical treatments like thread lifts and injectable treatments can also help you feel fresher, younger and more confident.
Our plastic surgeons have been trained in all subspecialties from cancer reconstruction to burns and trauma. They will ensure that your plastic and cosmetic treatments are of the highest quality from first consultation to discharge after surgery. With a dedicated aftercare team, we ensure you feel safe, comfortable, and confident from beginning to end.
The benefits of plastic surgery can fall into the following ‘5 R’s’, five ways in which plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments can help you feel ever more ready to take on the everyday.

Refresh, Restore, Rejuvenate, Repair and Revitalise 

At Kingsbridge Sligo and Belfast, our specialist team provides leading treatment so you can take that next step confidently, knowing you are in the safest of hands.
For more information on our Plastic & Cosmetic Services, visit our website or call us on the following:
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