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MRI Scans Under General Anaesthetic for Children

    • Specialised Paediatric MRI Clinic
    • Suitable for patients aged 12 months and above
    • Team of experienced pediatric anesthesiologists
    • We prioritise creating a calming and child-friendly environment
MRI Scan and Ultrasound Scanning
What you need to know at a glance – Child MRI Under GA
Referral Required
Referral from consultant is required
Typical Waiting Time
2 Weeks
Procedure Type
Inpatient Diagnostic

MRI Scans Under General Anaesthetic for Children

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans play a pivotal role in diagnosing various medical conditions in children. However, for some young patients, the prospect of undergoing an MRI scan can be daunting due to factors such as anxiety, claustrophobia, or an inability to remain still for the duration of the procedure. In such cases, a solution often employed is administering the scan under general anaesthetic.

Understanding the Need for General Anaesthetic in Paediatric MRI Scans

Children, particularly those under the age of 7 or those with developmental disorders, may find it challenging to cooperate during an MRI scan due to the requirement to remain motionless for an extended period. Moreover, certain medical conditions or anxiety issues can exacerbate the difficulty of conducting the scan without sedation. Administering general anaesthesia for children undergoing an MRI Scan ensures that the child remains still and comfortable throughout the procedure, facilitating accurate imaging results while minimising distress. This procedure is suitable for patients aged 12 months and above.

Kingsbridge Paediatric MRI Scan Centre

At Kingsbridge Private Hospital North West we offer one of the most advanced clinical MRI scan facilities in the UK and Ireland, with the ability to scan all areas including Neurology, MSK, Abdominal and Cardiac, .

Apart from offering MRI scanning our range of medical diagnostics includes X-Ray, Fluoroscopy,  and Ultrasound.

The Most Advanced MRI Scan Facilities in the UK and Ireland


We aim to provide you with an appointment as soon as possible. Once we receive your referral, we will be in touch to arrange your appointment.

Benefits of having your MRI scan at Kingsbridge Private Hospital North West include:

  • Evening scans available
  • Diagnosis and results report available to clinicians within 5 working days 
  • Patient comfort with a choice of in-room ambient lighting and music
  • Head first/feet first options for most scans and a unique tilt option for patients unable to lay flat

The combination of the latest scanning technology, five star facilities and comprehensive scanning service options places our Diagnostic Centre at the forefront of private MRI scanning and imaging in Northern Ireland.

Paediatric MRI Under Anaesthetic: The Preparation

  1. Consultation with Healthcare Team: Prior to scheduling the MRI scan, parents or guardians should have thorough discussions with the healthcare team, including paediatricians, radiologists, and anaesthesiologists. This consultation serves to address any concerns, provide information about the procedure, and assess the child's medical history and current health status.
  2. Fasting Guidelines: Depending on the child's age and medical condition, fasting guidelines may vary. Typically, children are advised to refrain from consuming solid foods for a certain period before the procedure to reduce the risk of complications associated with anaesthesia. Clear fluids may be allowed up to a few hours before the scheduled time.
  3. Medication Management: It is crucial to inform the healthcare team about any medications the child is currently taking. Some medications may need to be adjusted or temporarily discontinued before the MRI scan under general anaesthetic.
  4. Preparation for Anaesthesia: Parents or guardians will receive instructions regarding the administration of anaesthesia, including guidelines for fasting and restrictions on food and drink intake. The anaesthesia team will provide detailed information about the process and address any concerns regarding anaesthesia safety.
  5. Emotional Preparation: Children may experience apprehension or anxiety about undergoing a medical procedure. Engaging in age-appropriate discussions and offering reassurance can help alleviate fears. Providing a clear explanation of what to expect during the MRI scan, including the use of anaesthesia, can empower children and promote a sense of control.

Child-Focused Healthcare Team


Child MRI Scan Under Anaesthesia: The Procedure

  1. Arrival at the Hospital: On the day of the MRI scan, families will arrive at the hospital or imaging center at the designated time. The MRI radiographer will invite you into an interview room and ask a series of questions of you and your child. Registration procedures will be completed, and any necessary paperwork will be finalised.
  2. Pre-Anaesthesia Evaluation: Prior to administering anaesthesia, the child will undergo a pre-operative assessment by the anaesthesia team to ensure your child is safe to receive anaesthetic medication. This evaluation involves checking vital signs, reviewing medical history, and addressing any last-minute concerns.
  3. Anaesthesia Induction: Once the child is deemed ready, anaesthesia will be administered by an experienced anaesthesiologist. Depending on the child's age and medical condition, anaesthesia may be delivered through an intravenous (IV) line or via anaesthetic gas. Once your child is under anaesthetic, they will be transferred to the scanning room and we will ask you to wait on the ward until the scan is completed.
  4. MRI Scan: With the child under anaesthesia, medical staff will carefully transfer them to the MRI machine. Throughout the scan, vital signs including child’s blood pressure, pulse, temperature and breathing will be monitored closely to ensure the child's safety and well-being. The duration of the MRI scan varies depending on the imaging requirements and the specific area being examined.
  5. Recovery and Post-Procedure Care: Following the completion of the MRI scan, the child will be transferred to a recovery area where they will gradually awaken from anaesthesia under the supervision of medical personnel. Parents or guardians will receive post-procedure instructions, including guidelines for monitoring the child's recovery at home and any potential side effects to watch for.

MRI scans under general anaesthetic offer a valuable diagnostic tool for children who may otherwise struggle to tolerate the procedure due to anxiety, behavioural issues, or medical conditions. By understanding the process and adequately preparing for the experience, parents and guardians can help ensure a smooth and safe MRI scan for their child.

What is an MRI Scan?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, otherwise known as MRI, is used to take images of the body's organs without producing X-rays.

Why use the Kingsbridge private MRI Scan, Imaging and Diagnostic Service? 

  • Confidence that you are using one of the most advanced clinical MRI scanners in the UK and Ireland.
  • MRI scanning offers a thorough and comprehensive examination
  • Full Whole Body MRI Scan option, providing full health check & screening.
  • A focus on patient comfort with a choice of in-room ambient lighting and music, head-first or feet-first options and a unique tilt option for patients unable to lay flat.
  • Our MRI scanner is bigger than standard models and therefore allows more space and comfort for larger patients and patients prone to feeling claustrophobic.
  • It is safe, painless and non-invasive
  • There are no known side effects.

Is a referral required?

Referral from consultant is required. This provides information on the clinical question to be answered and provides direction to the radiology team on specific areas to look at or investigate. The referral is reviewed by a Consultant Radiologist and authorised to proceed if appropriate.  

How do I book a Paediatric MRI scan?

Our private MRI Scan, Imaging and Diagnostic Service can be booked following referral by your GP, Consultant or by your physiotherapist. Chiropractors can also refer under certain circumstances.

Referrals can be arranged by simply emailing imaging@kingsbridgehealthcaregroup.com;  by phone at 028 90667878; or online using our Online Referral Page.

What precautions are taken prior to the MRI scan?

The MRI magnet may affect some medical devices that have been implanted inside your child’s or your body. Some important things for us to determine are:

  • Have you a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator
  • Have you any artificial limbs
  • Have you any other surgical implants
  • Have you EVER had metal fragments in your eyes

You will be asked to remove all metallic objects, all body piercings and other jewellery from your body and may be asked to change into a patient gown.

You will then have the option to choose your preferred music playlist and the lights in our ambient room that you find most pleasing while completing your scan.

Once on the MRI scanner, a piece of equipment called a coil will be placed around the affected area and the scan will commence. The examination is completely painless.

How long does an MRI scan take?

The total scan time is usually 20 minutes per body area. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that we can go through the necessary checks and to answer any questions you may have.

How long does it take to recover?

When the scan has finished, the radiographer will move the bed out of the scanner. They will then move your child into the recovery area to wake up from the anaesthetic. Some children are taken back to the ward to recover. We will call you back at this point so that you can be with them when they start to wake up. You should be prepared to stay in the hospital until your child is fully awake and has had something to eat and drink. Most families are able to go home a couple of hours or so after the scan.

When your child has recovered fully from the anaesthetic and has had something to eat and drink, you will be able to go home. The radiologist (doctor specialising in scans) will send a report of the scan to your child’s doctor in time for their next appointment.

Risks & complications

Every anaesthetic carries a risk of complications, but this is very small. Your child’s anaesthetist is a very experienced doctor who is trained to deal with any complications

How long does it take to get my MRI scan results?

Our diagnostic imaging team will provide results of your scan to your referrer within 5 working days..

FAQ’s For Referring Clinicians

Why Choose the MRI Scanning Service at Kingsbridge Private Hospital?

Once we have the received the referral simply call us on 028 9066 7878 or email imaging@kingsbridgehealthcaregroup.com and we will create an appointment slot that suits the patient. Our images are all reported by consultant NHS Radiologists within 48 hours of the appointment. The report is then sent to the referring clinician. 

Who can refer for an MRI Scan?

GP Referrals: Patients can be referred by their Consultant Medical Doctor or their General Practitioners as shown in the guidelines published by the Royal College of Radiologists.

What is required to refer?

The referrer must be a recognised clinician who is adequately trained and whom remain competent to refer via continued professional development. In accordance with the MHRA guidelines referrers must provide accurate patient details, referrer details, the region to be scanned and the appropriate clinical information to justify the examination. This information should all be entered into our referral form and the referral form sent via one of our various submission options, this includes email, online booking form or fax.

Why opt for MRI Scanning?

It provides clear, detailed images for a variety of pathology. Including, but not exhaustive:

  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Neurological problems
  • Spinal problems
  • Vascular problems
  • Soft tissue abdominal/pelvic pathology
  • Bowel problems
  • ENT conditions

An MRI emits no radiation and has no known detrimental effects on the patient. It is a safe painless procedure.

Who can not have an MRI scan?

For safety reasons, patients with the following implants are not suitable for this procedure due to the strong magnetic fields used in MRI:

  • Cardiac Pacemaker/Defibrillator
  • Aneurysm Clips
  • Cochlear Implant
  • Programmable Hydrocephalus shunt

*Prices accurate as of September 2022 and may be subject to change.

If you would like to book an appointment or require further information about MRI Scans, please do not hesitate to contact our private patient booking team via our online enquiry form.


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A credit or debit card is necessary to secure your booking. The card will be saved as your default payment method. You'll receive notifications regarding any outstanding balances. For details on the information we collect and process, while providing your healthcare, please refer to our privacy policy. By using this service, you consent to our privacy policy.

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"I had surgery here at the weekend and I can't recommend this place highly enough. They took great care of me and kept me at ease throughout my stay. The staff were brilliant, really friendly and chatted away and the food was top class. This hospital was better than any hotel I wonder could I book a weekend away in it when I fully recover?" Mr McGinnity, Kingsbridge Patient
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"Hospital spotless and clean.   Staff were so caring couldn’t do enough for me and made sure I was comfortable. Give the place 10 out of 10. Had surgery yesterday and treatment was first class" Ms Demirtas, Kingsbridge Patient
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"Just received surgery at this hospital and I couldn't have been made to feel any more comfortable from the minute I stepped in until the minute I left. All the staff are wonderful and so friendly I will highly recommend this hospital to everyone" Ms McGivern, Kingsbridge Patient
"Had eye surgery here twice for cataracts and lens replacement. Super smooth service from start to finish. Very happy" Ms Jones, Kingsbridge Patient
"As hospitals go this one is pretty amazing! Had surgery with Mr Molloy at the end of October and have another one the end of this month. Mr Molloy is a gentleman who puts you at ease right away and ensured my last procedure went smoothly! From start to finish all the hospital staff go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. The facilities are brilliant with the rooms spacious and modern to recover in. Keep up the good work!" Ms Roulston, Kingsbridge Patient
"My mother had a total hip replacement surgery. We stayed for three days and were discharged today. Honestly, words can't describe the quality of the job and care they do. The doctors Roger Wilson, Sherman, David, the nurses Susan, Sinead, Siobhan, Andrea, the catering staff who provided customised halal food, and the remaining team whose names I cannot remember were the kindest, nicest, politest, the most caring, professional and pleasant people we have ever come across in healthcare environment. These are true gems and real stars. We are indebted to their treatment.
They are 7 star people. We love you!" Mr Yourish, Kingsbridge Patient
"Great friendly staff the nurses go way and beyond.  The hospital is spotless, and the service is second to none." Ms Croke, Kingsbridge Patient
"Currently just back from recovery on the ward. I have just had ACL reconstructive surgery on my left knee. What can I say? This place is brilliant. I arrived at 8.35am, taken to the ward at 8.45am (my admission time was 9am). Tended to by a lovely Nurse. Dr Roger Wilson spoke to me around 9.45am, in Theatre for 10am, recovery for 11.10am and now currently back on ward. These guys are awesome. From the consultant to anaesthetist to nurses to cater assistants. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much. I am so grateful to everyone at Kingsbridge for the service." Mr McNicholl, Kingsbridge Patient
"I just had a total hip replacement done by Mr Molloy.  He made me feel totally at ease (a real gentleman). I had 1st class treatment and as for the staff they couldn’t do enough for me. My experience was excellent from the time I arrived until the day I left for home. Thanks a million to all involved." Miss Bennett, Kingsbridge Patient
"Excellent experience with Kingsbridge Hospital, my dad had a day procedure here recently and not only did he receive fantastic care, but so did myself and my mum. The staff were so understanding and without saying anything could see I was looking after my mum also who has dementia, they went above and beyond to make the time spent waiting on my Dad as pleasant and stress free as possible, I will never forget the extra mile they went to, to support us. Many thanks x" Ms Forde, Kingsbridge Patient
"I have just been discharged from Kingsbridge today after surgery and was in for 3 days. From start to finish my experience was excellent. From catering staff up to senior nurses and doctors they were all fantastic and made my stay a positive experience. As a nurse myself I probably have high expectations of care and I certainly experienced the best of care in Kingsbridge who have staff they should be proud off.  Great teamwork." Ms Armstrong, Kingsbridge Patient
"I recently had my gall bladder removed. All of the staff I had to deal with were excellent and professional. It was the best treatment I have ever received." Ms Burrows, Kingsbridge Patient
"I got my tonsils out yesterday, all the staff were so pleasant and nothing was too much for them. I really did receive one to one care. They just had so much time for me. The food was lovely and the staff from the kitchen where first class. Glad I received my surgery here." Miss Wright, Kingsbridge Patient
"The service and staff are first class.  Had my cataract operation done on the 20th of January and I would like to thank all the staff of this fantastic hospital for giving me my life back.  You are all a credit to your profession.  Excellent service and I would highly recommend you.  Once again thank you so much and I am truly grateful to you all." Mr Doolan, Kingsbridge Patient
"Amazing 5-star hospital.  Have had other surgery here before on my back.
Yesterday's was a neck disc replacement operation.  I would highly recommend this hospital like a hotel manner. Thanks again guys." Mr Phillips, Kingsbridge Patient
"I recently got an MRI scan at Kingsbridge and was very impressed with how simple the process was and how little time I had to wait. The staff were friendly, and it was an all-round pleasant experience." Mr Sharkey, Kingsbridge Patient
"Can’t praise Kingsbridge Private Hospital enough!! I had an operation a couple of weeks ago and I was so well looked after. My surgeon Mr Rashid was fantastic, and the nursing staff was also fabulous. I found they communicated very well to each other, so everyone knew when my meds were due, my allergies etc. They were so kind, so lovely, constantly checked to see how I was i.e. my temperature etc. The food was fabulous and the catering staff very helpful having had an operation were very happy to accommodate ... Thank you to all!" Ms Cheong, Kingsbridge Patient
"Staff very friendly and very efficient. Surgeon and surgery top class. Big thanks to the Nurses for all their care and patience" Mr Howard, Kingsbridge Patient
"I was in your facility yesterday for a day procedure (operation on my left arm). I wanted to write and express how impressed I was with the facilities and more importantly the staff on the Ward.

Everyone was excellent, and I mean excellent, i don't normally write congratulatory e-mails so this is high praise in my view. The Senior nurse was excellent, as was the Theatre nurse and the anaesthetist. Even the assistants that helped with catering and other duties. All came together to form a great impression of the establishment." Jason Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Kingsbridge Patient
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